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Getting Your House Ready to Sell


Spring has traditionally been the property-selling season of choice. However, you shouldn’t put up your feet and relax just because it isn’t spring.

Early preparation is key to avoiding the last-minute rush to get everything ready.

Moreover, you might be better off selling your house during a period that is traditionally quiet. Consult your agent to see whether that might be a smart option.

So, how do you go about getting your house ready to sell? Here are the most important steps.

1. Declutter and clean

Remove all your clutter. This includes any items that you don’t use regularly and items that have been lying around for over a year. Broken and damaged items should find the way to the bin. If they have sentimental value, store them somewhere which isn’t your home. Paperwork that you no longer need should be shredded and disposed of.

If you have lots of bulky items, you may be well served by hiring storage space.

Cleaning your house is also very important. When you clean, don’t forget the small details. Wash windows and curtains. Dust blinds and baseboards. Clean all your appliances and straighten out your closets.

2. Inspect thoroughly

Make sure you inspect your house thoroughly, or you may end up getting some unpleasant surprises when you have potential buyers over.

Check thoroughly for plumbing leaks and water damage. Check the seals of your windows and ensure that there are no rodents or insects in your house. Make sure you fix all the problems that you discover.

3. Eliminate odors

Odors are sometimes harder to hide. Don’t try to cover them up with air freshener or perfume, which can feel overwhelming. Also, some people may be allergic to the perfume or air freshener you decide to use.

You’ll be better off using natural scents like fresh flowers or boiled cinnamon. Fresh apples and freshly baked cookies smell amazing and also add a homey feel to your house.

4. Paint

Just because you love that outlandish color on your walls doesn’t mean that your buyers will too. Very few buyers want to buy something which already has someone’s stamp on it; they want a blank slate which they can modify to their own personal taste. Use neutral colors to paint walls in order to appeal to the most people.

Repair any damage to the walls before you paint, and don’t make the mistake of overlooking your ceilings.

5. Finish projects

Finish all your home improvement projects before you start showing to buyers and you’ll have a much higher chance of selling. Few people want to see a half-completed shelf in the bedroom.

If you have other projects planned, ensure that you’ll be able to finish them up fast enough, or just abort them.

6. Stage your home

Staging is a part of showing a house that most people hold in contempt. While you can stage yourself, professional stagers will have something that you lack: experience.

A true professional can work wonders to your house and transform it into something that looks much better than it used to. By the end of the day, you’ll probably feel like staying there yourself.

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